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Newington Community Website

Welcome to the Newington community website.

This site is your one-stop shop for information about Newington and links to find out what's happening in and around our suburb. It also provides each precinct with space to post minutes, agendas, application forms and general information. There's a section for local sporting and community groups and details of events and activities for Newington residents. 

The site is operated and hosted by the Newington Neighbourhood Association (NNA) that was formed in 2006 by a group of local residents to encourage community spirit.

About Newington

The suburb of Newington is a legacy of the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games when it was the site of the Official Athletes Village.

Newington was built with many environmentally friendly aspects including the use of recycled water and an electricity supply augmented from solar power generated from the solar roof panels on residential buildings.

It was created under Community Title, one of the first such developments in Australia, and as such is governed by a range of Community Management Statements covering architectural, landscape and general by-laws developed to ensure the image of the suburb is maintained.

Newington is divided into four distinct but connected precincts P1 South, P1 North, P2 and P3. An Executive Committee, elected by the Community Association at an Annual General Meeting, governs each precinct. All the precincts are managed by Executive Committees elected by the respective Community Associations.

The Executive Committees of each precinct liaise on all matters affecting our suburb including community activities. Representatives of the precincts are also members of the Combined Newington Working Group formed by Auburn Council to facilitate issues resolution and communication between our suburb and Council, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and the Newington Marketplace management.

Newington has more than 5000 residents in 2000 houses and apartments  with that number set to increase when development of the suburb is completed. The suburb has a mixed demographic that includes young families, professionals, retirees and students.

Newington History 

The lands along the southern shore of the Parramatta River were the traditional home of the Wangal people of the Eora nation.

The history of the area in which Newington stands today goes back to the earliest days of the British Colony in New South Wales. The original land title of 502 hectares was granted to John Blaxland in 1807 of the land north of Haslams Creek. Blaxland built a home on the estate, which he called Newington House. (Newington was the name of his family’s estate in Kent, England). Newington House still stands today. Blaxland established industry in the area along the banks of the Parramatta River, originally producing salt for the colony. He later added a flour mill, tweed mill, cattle grazing and logging.

Other activity and industry developed in the area over the years included a racecourse, boys school, hospital, abattoir, brickyards and the Newington Armoury, where the Australian Navy stored their armaments. Many of the armoury buildings survive today.

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