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Special Event Parking for Newington - Auburn Council Motion

The Telstra 500 V8 Supercar race will be staged on the streets of the Sydney Olympic Park Precinct from 4 to 6 December 2009. A crowd in excess of 150,000 is anticipated to attend over the three days and this is expected to have a major impact on traffic and parking in and around Newington espcially as the event will provide very limited (if any) access to the usual SOP parking areas.

Auburn Councillor's Pat Curtin and Teresa Di Paolo have lodged a motion (reprinted below) for the upcoming meeting of Auburn Council to institute Special Event Parking for Newington during this year's event and we urge you to attend the Council meeting to have your say in relation to the motion. We also urge residents/owners to address Council on this issue and if you wish to do so please let us know via email so we can add your name to the list.

Auburn Council Meeting
6.30pm Wednesday 15 July 2009
Council Chamber, Civic Place, 1 Susan St, Auburn

If you are unable to attend we encourage you to email the Councillors (listed below) prior to the meeting and make your voice count.

NOTICE OF MOTION: Submitted to Auburn Council's for its Meeting 15 July 09.
Reference; Special Event Parking at Newington.

I move that Council support, the setting up of a Special Event Parking Scheme In a network of streets in the Newington area using appropriate entry and exit signs. These Parking restrictions only apply during the Sydney Telstra 500 Event.

After this Event a review of that and other future special events to be held In that area be conducted by Auburn Council, and Special Event organizers with tne view of establishlng Special Event Parking Scheme for future Events.

COUNCILLOR'S NOTE: It is apparent Special Events in the Newington area are of great concern to residents. During these events Newington residents experience heavy traffic loads in their surrounding streets. This has been an ongoing problem for many years and it is not only associated with the Telstra 500 event.

I understand that on Special Event occasions damage in that area is done to trees, streets, grass verges, residents letter boxes, flora and fauna not to mention the rubbish that litters the streets, and spectators coming from those events urinating in their streets . Noise from vehicles is created leaving the area after the event and there is difficulty for many residents and their guests driving out of their streets.

I ask Council to support this resolution which will ease traffic problems In those affected areas. And it should be done as quickly as possible. Newington is in a unique area with very narrow roads and is close to the Special Events area, as a consequence they are subjected to unnecessary heavy traffic loads. It would appear from documentation available that there is general support from Council for this proposal however I understand there have been disagreements regarding who should be responsible for costs and traffic movements emanating from these Special Events .

It is important for Council to recognise that Newington and its residents are part of the Auburn Community and should be considered as such, and not involve them in bureaucratic arguments about costs. We should as the Council responsible for that area all we can to ease the heavy traffic inconveniences imposed upon them. The Issue regarding cost sharing can be taken up with the NSW Government, however we should fix the problem first and not create another one.

Councillors will remember that special parking provisions was put In place during t he 2000 Olympics, they were very effective.

If a Special Events Parking Scheme Is supported by Council it will reduce the traffic load in those areas and will encourage spectators to use the Parking Stations on site or travel by Public Transport .

Not to mention the effect It will have on the quality of life for the Newington residents, and the credibility of this Council.

Auburn Councillors


Posted on behalf of the Newington Combined Traffic Sub-Committee.

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