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Welcome to the official Newington Precinct 2 home page

This page contains 
frequently asked questions about living in Precinct 2, including contact details for our Managing Agent.

Frequently asked questions about living in Precinct 2



Who is the Managing Agent for Precinct 2?

Jamesons Strata Management
ABN 83 001 138 576
Suite 18, 483 Riley Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Tel: (02) 8089 3400
Fax: (02) 9969 0633

Who do I call if something goes wrong?

Contact our Managing Agent for issues to do with maintenance of community property, television reception issues, noisy air conditioners, illegal building alterations, approval for alterations to your own property etc.

What is the Community Management Statement?

The Community Management Statement (CMS)  is a set of rules and procedures that must be obeyed by owners and residents of Newington and the Community Association. The Architectural and Landscape Standards (ALS) form part of the CMS and cover issues relating to design, construction, exterior paint colours and a list of preferred plants for use in Newington.

What is the role of the Community Association Committee?

The Community Association Committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting. The Committee's role is to administer the Community Management Statement and Architectural & Landscape Standards. Committee members carry out their roles on a voluntary basis.

What is my Community levy spent on?

Your levies are spent as per the annual budget for the Community Association which is approved at the Annual General Meeting. Levies are split between the Administration Fund and the Sinking Fund. The Administration Fund covers running costs including insurance, security, garden maintenance of common property areas and the Managing Agent's fees and costs.  The Sinking Fund levy covers maintenance and capital works on common property – for example if a private road or footpath in a linear park needs repair or the MATV system parts require replacing, the money comes out of the Sinking Fund

How is my Community levy calculated?

The levy is calculated based on the Annual Budget. An amount per unit entitlement is calculated from the total amount and your levy is this amount multiplied by the number of unit entitlements of your lot.  

Can I change my garden?

Yes. But any change must be in line with the Architectural and Landscape Standards and you have to get the approval of the Committee. You do this by submitting an application to the Managing Agent.

Can I undertake alterations to my house, and, if so, how do I get them approved?

Yes. But they must be in line with the Architectural and Landscape Standards and you have to get the approval of the Committee. You do this by submitting an application to the Managing Agent.

If it’s simple, it may require just a letter however if it involves more complex alterations or additions it may require architects plans and photographs to allow the Committee to make an informed decision. An example would be an application to install air conditioning – a plan of your property marking where the outside condenser unit/s will be located and clearly stating they will not be visible from outside your lot will enable the Committee to make a swift decision. We try to deal with applications at the next meeting convened after the application is received but if you don’t send us enough information or provide enough detail we may have to defer a decision.

The Precinct 2 Committee holds meetings on the last Tuesday of each month (except January) at 6.30pm. The meetings are held at the Newington Community Centre and lot owners are welcome to attend. Any applications must be received in time to be included with the Agenda for the meeting. The CMS requires us to issue an Agenda for an EC meeting not later than 72 hours before the meeting so please ensure any applications are lodged with the Managing Agent prior to the close of business on the Thursday before the meeting.

I’ve got a question, and it’s not covered here. Who can I ask?

If the question relates to the CMS or ALS please contact the Managing Agent. If the question is a more general query about living in Newington then please use the contact us link at the bottom of this web page to lodge your query.

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